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What is Sterile Processing?

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Sterile Processing Technicians work with Surgery by preparing and supplying surgical instrumentation to the Operating Room for use. Although the Operating Room is the main department serviced by Sterile Processing, many other Clinical areas use instrumentation and devices which are reprocessed by Sterile Processing. Some of these areas include the Emergency Room,  Cath Lab, and Intensive Care Units among many others.

Sterile Processing Technicians are responsible for indirect patient care. Technicians ensure that regulatory standards are met and best practices are followed through the process of decontaminating, washing, packaging and sterilization of surgical instrumentation. Patient safety during surgical procedures begins with confident and competent Sterile Processing Technicians. In order to provide the highest quality patient care possible, it is vital that the Sterile Processing Department build positive relationships and communicate effectively with other teams in the hospital.

Sterile Processing is the heart of the Hospital!

 We change lives every day!

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